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Port Discovery at Tokyo DisneySEA transports us to an undefined future time, one very much inspired by futuristic ideals of the past. This is the home of the Center for Weather Control, where scientists from around the world gather to study the earth's weather systems. Today, the research teams of Port Discovery are celebrating the success of their StormRider initiative, designed to neutralize hurricanes before they reach populated areas.

As part of the celebration, Guests at Port Discovery are invited to explore some of the CWC's research vessels and even take a spin on the Aquatopia, a kind of technology workshop where the scientists test new navigation and propulsion systems.

A ride on Aquatopia is unpredictable to say the least. As each 2-3 person vehicle "floats" across the surface of Horizon Bay, it spins and twirls through an obstacle course of rocks, fountains and whirlpools.

While it may appear that the vehicles are floating on a pool of water, they are actually rolling on hidden wheels (the water is only about three inches deep). Their seemingly random movements are guided by a trackless Location Positioning System (LPS) that keeps track of all the vehicles in the area and directs each one where to go next. A similar system is used on the Pooh's Hunny Hunt attraction at Tokyo Disneyland and is planned for Mystic Manor, opening at Hong Kong Disneyland by 2014.