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Since the earliest days of Disneyland, storytelling has been key in setting the Disney theme park experience apart from all others. It started when Walt selected filmmakers from his Studio to create the Park. They approached their task with a filmmaker's eye and a storyteller's point of view. The techniques developed in the 1950s have been refined in the decades since and with every new theme park experience crafted by Disney's Imagineers.

As with film, everything at Imagineering starts with a script. That script could take the form of a short treatment or a multi-page essay. It becomes the blueprint from which all the other Imagineering disciplines find inspiration. Sets. Costumes. Props. Lighting. Everything works in harmony to create a sense of place and tell the story.

These stories are not always obvious to the first-time visitor, and that's intentional. After all, Disney is in the details. Multiple layers of detail throughout the parks provide a sense of richness to the experience of a first-timer, then serve to reward the repeat visitor with serendipitous discoveries of little gems previously unnoticed.

Through these posts, you'll find Disney details large and small, as well as other thoughts and comments. May they enhance your appreciation of the Disney Parks and the art of the Imagineers and Disney Cast Members... and become a "source of joy and inspiration to all the world."

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