Thirst for Detail

Typhoon Lagoon is comprised of three main styles of architecture: early Key West-style resort (as seen at Leaning Palms), the thatched roof indigenous style of the lagoon-side village (Singapore Sal's is a great example), and an eclectic style comprised of flotsam and debris found after the storm.

The bar down by the shore, named Let's Go Slurpin', is of the thatched variety. It looks right at home by the water. Since the storm, the owners have enhanced the decor of their establishment with items that blew in from as far away as California and Hawaii.

The coffee and pastries stand definitely falls in the eclectic category. From the ship's shutters used to make the back wall to the corrugated tin slapped on top, the entrepreneurs behind this little shack have made the most of everything... including space. They've put the stove up on the roof!

One of my favorite details here? This wind chime made of an old teapot and spoons:

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